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San Luis, CO

The town of San Luis is looking to create a town square in a parking lot next to its town hall. The city also purchased an adjacent lot with a house to use as a café or space for the community to use. The city wants space for the community to gather, and to be able to incubate some local businesses in vendor stalls and café building. 

This scheme aims to connect the two buildings as well as the Stations of the Cross trailhead across the street, which attracts many visitors throughout the year. The inspiration came from the reclaiming of some Superblock intersections in Barcelona which were closed off to vehicles. The street and sidewalk were painted with patterns that signaled bike paths, sidewalks, and plaza spaces. It also added directionality which can be applied to this angular lot.

Some of the main elements of the plaza are the pergola to provide a boundary and shade, a water fountain to pay homage to the Acequia water governance of the area, fire pits with built-in furniture to gather around, a stage, and 2 permanent vendor stalls for local businesses. The visitor center will be renovated as well, adding separation between the public space and the town hall office for times when Town Hall is closed and the visitor center is open. One of the restrooms is made accessible from the outside as well for after hours. Two French doors are also added to the northside to connect to the plaza and visual connection to the café.

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San Luis Town Square: Image
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