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Graduate Studio 6

Tesla Supercharging Station: Image


Located in Green Rive, UT, off the I-70 highway. It sits between Denver and Salt Lake City, UT. Green River is a small community in Emery County with several amenities serving those on the road.



In order to take advantage of the efficiency of precast concrete as a material, in time and in materials, of building with precast parts, this design planned on reusing 6 panels throughout the design depending onprivacy needs.

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This connection was detailed to show how to prevent thermal bridging while maintaining the concept of cells coming through the roof of the building.



The program of the prototype was organized into three categories: Flex Space, Convenience Store, and Lounge. The Flex Space is meant to occupied by a local business or organization, meaning it would be different at each station, encouraging discovery. The convenience store houses the traditional components of the fuel station typology, mainly restrooms and a small store. The lounge is a feature that is primarily meant to be used by the Tesla charger users that could be waiting from 20-90 mins.

Tesla Supercharging Station: Services
Tesla Supercharging Station: Pro Gallery


This prototype for a Tesla Supercharging station aims to bring a sense of discovery and adventure back to the roadtrip experience. The cells contain program and are expressed on the outside of the building above the roof. The interstitial space between the cells is flexible to the expansion from within the cells and remain ambiguous leading to a different experience for the users.

The charging station was designed with efficiency in mind. All the cell walls are pre-cast concrete in one of 6 configurations. These panels are repeated throughout the design depending on how much daylight or privacy is needed. The interstitial spaces are enclosed with glazing. 

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